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Metal fabrication


Silver Lake Industrial Services is a nationwide, industry leading metal fabrication company. We provide turnkey all in one services to the industrial sector and capable of handling large large metal fabrication projects on time and within budget.

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Our network of experts utilizes many on or off site metal fabrication capabilities including:

MIG or TIG metal fabrication services. Steel, brass and aluminum welding.

Industrial metal shearing service. 1/2” or less sheet metal shearing.

CNC Stamping & Punching
Punching or stamping shapes, cutouts, and knockouts into sheet metal at specified dimensions.

CNC Bending
Precession bend many materials and thicknesses to customer required specifications.

Grinding & Deburring
Removal of sharp edges and burrs from various sheet metal compositions, thickness and lengths..

Machine Installation
We have two pneumatic hardware machines that can install nuts, studs, rivets, etc.

Our company has lathes to create cylindrical parts using outside and inside diameter cutting tools of varying sizes and shapes, and mills that use cylindrical cutting tools to create finished parts.

Flat Sheet Rolling
Sheet rolling is a metalworking process in which metal sheets are rolled to a specified radius or dimension. We are able to roll sheets up to 40” wide.

Creditable Integrity

Over 20 years experience in turnkey industrial services

Effective Team Work

We utilize a nationwide network of engineers and maintenance crews

Quality Assurance

Over 1000 returning customers because we are on time & efficient